Helping healthcare providers with value-risk contracts to

achieve better financial results

in today’s healthcare new payment models

Helping healthcare providers with value-risk contracts to

achieve better financial results

in today’s healthcare new payment models.

About Us

My name is Jean Delva. I spent 11 years working for one of the largest MSO in Florida and 2 health plans and I discovered that many practices are leaving money on the table because many billing companies are not helping them achieve accurate reimbursement for Medicare Risk Adjustment or HCC coding. It was then that I decided to create Symbion Coding.

I decided to create Symbion Coding to help medical practices, MSOs, ACOs received the money they deserve to provide appropriate care for their assigned members.

Jean Delva

Since starting the business, we have managed to help clients in many projects such as sweep project and full chart review for Medicare Risk Adjustment.

Here is an example of a case study:

Feedback provided by,

Jose (Joe) Guethon, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Operations, ClareMedica Health Partners

Before and after Symbion Coding
Symbion Coding

How would you compare the previous state and current state of your risk contract reimbursements, since working with Symbion?

Symbion has given us insightful feedback into our workflow processes and confidence to management and investors from a compliance standpoint. Their audit work helps us point to specific providers who require more education and monitoring than others.
Their audit also gives us credibility with plan partners.

Stand out service
Symbion Coding

Are there any specific services offered by Symbion Coding that may stand out or that you can speak about? (Chart Review, Medical Coding & Billing, Claims Submission, Clinical Documentation Improvement)

Professional demeanor and character
Timely response and customer service
They advise and make wholistic recommendations
They deliver what they say
Results are organized and presented clearly

They approach the scope of work as if they are part of our team- they are accountable!

Symbion coding only employed certified coders through AHIMA and/or AAPC who are based on the U.S. Unlike many coding companies who are charging a percentage of money they have found in new diagnoses, Symbion Coding charge you only a reasonable flat review fee. It is almost like having your coding department without overhead and labor cost. We believe in our service and that is why we don’t require long term contract with our clients. Our business philosophy is very simple: build a mutually beneficial relationship we our clients.


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Continually Raising The Bar

 Setting the standard is one thing but continually raising the bar is another – that’s our true aim.

Ultimately, the goal is for you to be able to run a practice, ACO, MSO, etc without having to worry about your revenue cycle and coding compliance.

Symbion Coding