Clinical Documentation Improvement

HCC codes ensure that payments are risk adjusted based on the history and complexity of a patient’s health. And, based on this, Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores are created that help calculate the reimbursement for each member. With the huge increase in the number of members in the Medicare Advantage Program, precise HCC coding has never been more important in the workflow of clinicians.

In addition, accurate HCC coding can help achieves many benefits such as: creating more holistic images of the complexity of a patient population, improving the value of problem lists and allowing a better management of chronic diseases of a patient. Better documentation that captures the total complexity of the patient often results in a more appropriate reimbursement.

That is why, we incorporate clinical documentation improvement service in our chart review and Medical coding and billing services to ensure that you get more accurate reimbursement for your population.

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Clinical Documentation Improvement Process

Clinical documentation Improvement