Medical Coding & Billing Compliance


There can easily be a high error rate in claims submitted by staff due to things like insufficient documentation, incorrect coding, and lack of medical necessity. Many practices are leaving money on the table for your due to errors that could easily be prevented.

The government is cracking down on issues related to fraud and abuse. In fact, many government agencies are taking certain steps to combat this problem. If you bill Medicare or Medicaid, this can mean a delay in payment or even losing the ability to submit claims.


To enroll, just sign contract and business associate agreement with Symbion. Once this is done, submit all required information for our secured and HIPAA compliant portal. We use Citrix ShareFile™. After Symbion is done reviewing the information submitted, we will send you an email to retrieve the audit findings.

Receive a Complete and Detailed Report from Symbion

  • We offer a quick turnaround time to help you get the information you need when it is most important
  • The report we offer is fully confidential and we also routinely work with attorneys to ensure attorney-client privilege
  • you’ll receive a report that not only shows errors, but also identifies possible root causes, opportunities for documentation improvement, analysis of results with potential impact, and recommendations to address the identified issues